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Keyboard & composition - Renato Diz

Drums & composition - Peter Traunmueller

Mixed and mastered by José Diogo Neves in Tallinn, Estonia

Tracks 1 - 6 and 9 recorded by Renato Diz at Dreammiller Studios (Astoria, NY) in October 2018.

Tracks 7, 8, 10 - 13 recorded by José Diogo Neves at The Bunker Studio (Brooklyn, NY) in April 2019

Original drawings (book) by Pedro Marnoto

Album and final artwork (book) by Renato Diz and Pedro Marnoto

Combined poetry (book) by Renato Diz and Peter Traunmueller

Graphic design by Lizzie Suh

Produced by Renato Diz and Peter Traunmueller

Executive producer W&J Productions

© 2023 by Renato Diz, Peter Traunmueller and Pedro Marnoto
All Rights Reserved.

DESCRIPTIONS OF USELESS SUBTITLES  AND MEANINGFUL SUBLIMATIONS is a multi-sensorial living ecosystem comprised of 13 interdependent organisms. Each organism contains three biotic components: a musical soundscape, a poem, and a visual artwork. As with any ecosystem, you are free to travel through its topography, form associations between the different components inside each organism, and create personal meanings. Each component is a distinctive being, and each organism (sound+poem+artwork) a self-contained world. At any point, you can zoom in on a particular component and focus on details that catch your attention. Every viewing and/or listening will generate multiple interpretations, resulting in a dynamic, immersive experience that invites numerous dialogic relationships between art(ist) and the audience.

This project was initially born out of a need to document the telepathic musical connection between Renato Diz and Peter Traunmueller. An irresistible Darwinian impulse to diversify led to the inclusion of José Diogo Neves, who oversaw the recording sessions and mixed & mastered every sonic event into audiophilic perfection. All tracks were created using a keyboard and a drum set exclusively, and recorded in real time with no interruptions - no repeated takes, overdubs, or post-production artificialities.  José’s mixes unearthed new strata of poetic and cinematic dimensions in the sound, inspiring Renato and Peter to respond with automatic-writing poems. These poems were edited and combined during music listening sessions under pandemic-era restrictions (videoconference). The combination of sound and poetry suggested entirely new visual universes, and Pedro Marnoto was invited to bring them to life. Immersed in the music and poetry, Pedro drew away, then teamed up with Renato to combine the sketches into dynamic black-and-white compositions. From the genesis through the conception of each component, the artists maintained an unwavering commitment to follow the same level of spontaneous creativity and freedom. Radical spontaneity is the main common thread that fuels and links all elements and organisms across this ecosystem.

As you prepare to enter this synesthetic bubble of life, you are invited to befriend the question mark with an open spirit and utilize it as a reminder that we are impermanent, plural, liquid, open, and in continuous mutation.

“I very much enjoyed the distinctive interaction between the three realms, in a dreamlike story-telling quality that interconnects back and forth between sound (music), poetry and visual arts.

Reaching for a state of certainty, wander and freedom at once. This work is a true artistic statement, blending and portraying the many ways we can experience life. Congratulations !!!”

— Dafnis Prieto: Multi-Grammy Award-winning drummer, composer, educator, MacArthur fellow


“Such thoughtful, multidimensional work demands upon its audience full presence and attention. And yes, there are limitless rewards for those who listen with such discipline. Seemingly created in balanced passions: mind, heart, and intention, Descriptions of Useless Subtitles and Meaningful Sublimations possesses the depth to hear and feel something new and revealed at each new hearing!”

— John Daversa: Multi-Grammy Award-winning trumpeter, composer, educator

Descriptions of Useless Subtitles and Meaningful Sublimations stands as a remarkable compilation of art, poetry, and music. The dialogue between Renato Diz and Peter Traunmueller represents some of the most exceptional spontaneous composition that I have witnessed. This journey seamlessly transitions from moments of profound silence to intricately woven soundscapes, all the while sustaining an extraordinary connection between the artists. I strongly encourage you to experience this project—it’s a transformative journey that you will not forget!”

— Steve Rucker: Legendary drummer for Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Jaco Pastorius


“Renato, Peter, Pedro, and José have created a beautiful multi-sensorial experience. I was constantly surprised and engaged by their attention to detail and ability to seamlessly transition between textures and soundscapes—a wonderful and mysterious voyage. I was particularly impressed by Renato’s command of timbre orchestration - a bold and powerful voice in today’s contemporary art world.”

— Jean-Michel Pilc: Multi-award-winning pianist, composer, educator


“In this Instagram age of 30-second blasts of contextless and often empty virtuosity, Renato Diz, Peter Traunmueller and Pedro Marnoto are breathtakingly fearless in their creation of this highly original, creative, and thought-provoking work. Their virtuosity lies not in displays of empty flashiness, but rather in telepathic musical connection, and a highly developed musical maturity in their exploration of sound, timbre, and rhythm in this amazing one-of-a-kind collaboration. Each piece/poem/sketch is a world unto itself, yet together create a hypnotic and almost film-like experience for the audience.  Their use of non-standard methods of creation results in a truly unique experience — one where the spontaneity of creation itself is the overarching and unifying element from which all sounds and visuals are generated.  A truly unique and wonderfully immersive experience!”

— Martin Bejerano: Multi-award-winning pianist, composer, educator


“I love the sonic space and the surprises at every turn! And the accompanying book is a perfect visual counterpart to this music!”

— Ralph Alessi: Multi-award-winning trumpeter, composer, educator, ECM artist


“[...] the drawings, they seem amazing, from the outer world, where peculiar characters rise up; outsiders, or globetrotters, accompanied by abstract poetry and contemporary music with strong doses of improvisation, where the drums and keyboard unfold a perfect tuning [...] In several organisms the groove is present as well as the bursts of percussion that generate sound chaos, making this work rich in nuances, colorful, elegant and at the same time circumspect and a three-dimensional facet!”

— Loop Magazine

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