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Peter is a New York-based drummer and composer. A native of Salzburg (Austria), Peter grew up in a music-friendly home surrounded by lots of different instruments and recordings from Count Basie to the Beatles and many more. Playing extensively on mama’s cooking pots his parents decided to put him in the basement, along with a drumset and tons of exercises, which were given to him by his first teacher Matthias Birzer. By then all was set for a career in music. Peter studied drums privately with Peter Bachmayer and piano with Bruno Juen before he attended the Anton Bruckner Privat University where he studied with Jeff Boudreaux, Doug Hammond and Dejan Pecenko.
During this time Peter had the chance to work with well known players such as Charles Haynes, Harry Sokal, Klaus Dickbauer, Hermann Linecker, Andreas Schreiber, Peter Herbert, Tim Collins, Richard Oesterreicher, Christoph Cech and many more. He has performed with various groups at musical venues such as Jazzfestival Saalfelden (AT), Young Jazz in Town Festival (IT), Bayrisches Jazzweekend (DE), Jazz & The City (AT), MM Jazzfestival (AT) among many others.

Peter loves to explore the rich and never ending world of Jazz music but because of his passion for music in general Peter is familiar with a lot of different musical styles and settings which can be heard on his past recording works with Band such as “Atrium” (Rock), Trio Macanudo (Argentinian music) or Traunmueller forscht! (free improvised music). He also performs on bass with his new Band “The Purple Pie Quartet” and can be heard occasionally playing piano with the “Peter Traunmueller Trio”.

Currently Peter is working in Austria with his Duo “Hermann Linecker & Peter Traunmüller”, “Nane’s Spicy Kitchen Lab” and “Peter, Lois & Lukes” and in New York with artists such Joe Alterman, Jim Cammack, Joel Frahm, Lukas Gabric, Dave Schnitter, and many more.


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